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  • Cold Spray Technology Designed to Repair Commercial Aircraft Parts.
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Koh specializes in providing cold spray equipment and services. He also acts as a consultant for companies seeking AS Quality Management System and Nadcap special process certification, specifically in the areas of thermal spray and chemical processing. Concurrently, Dr.

Koh started his career as a design engineer for General Electric Aviation with Federal Aviation Authority-Designated Engineering Representative authorization and hardware ownership of aircraft engine components. He then served as the plant manager of ADCT Technologies Pte Ltd, which offers plasma spray, electric arc spray coatings, anodizing and chemical cleaning services.

Cold Spray Demonstration: The Kinetic Metallization Process

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Cold spray technology to repair surfaces of corroded aircraft parts

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Cold Spray Coatings

Summer CSAT provides a forum to establish collaborative programs and examples of business collaborations. Additional Resources. Cold Spray technology will move into the marketplace much more quickly and smoothly if users, spray shops, equipment, and powder suppliers work together to share information, develop the engineering data and match the technology to the best applications.

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What is Cold Spray? Cold Spray is a material-deposition process where metal or metal-ceramic mixtures of powders are used to form a coating or freestanding structure.