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All decided by antifa you say? Maybe even decided by a single member with no checks and balances? Surely such a well run organization like antifa never has a lapse in judgement. No innocent till proven guilty either? Thats exactly why our government is structured the way it is, so no one has to live under anothers whim. Antifa restricts themselves to bullying defenceless and harmless people…mainly the elderly because there is not a real man …or woman among them…. When individuals form groups their abilities to control themselves dissappear.

Yours is the same mindset that allowed Hitler to gain power and brainwash a whole nation, we are righteous and correct and the Jews are evil. Look in the mirror who is the real fascists. Winter Time you obviously believe that Antifa beats up those it believes are fascists and is justified in doing so. This is rightly illegal and the antithesis of a liberal society. Ironically the supression of political opposition through violence is one of the hallmarks of fascism so perhaps Antifa shoulf beat themselves up.

The aspect of your comment which is perhaps even more disturbing is that it is clear that you believe anyone attacked by Antifa are fascists because they have been attacked by Antifa, a frightening circular argument which leaves no room for the possibility of mistakes or uncertainty.

Based on this statement Antifa are clearly a group who advocate political violence. Support of such activites shoudl result in significnat jail time. Christ, I needed that, Thanks Winter Time, what neat humour!!! Winter time: what a mean-spirited hate-filled little goblinoid you are. Who are you to justify using violence against another human being? Take the log out of your own eye and apply your advice to yourself.

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Is this a joke? Antifa only attack fascists? The problem with Antifa is that they attack anyone who disagrees with or reports truthfully about them. Also Andy is a gay Vietnamese man who has covered antifa violence truthfully, and that is why antifa attacked him, cause he has exposed antifa in the past as the real fascists. You are human garbage for indiciting you would do extreme violence to others and furthermore propogating violence through your comment. You are who you behave as. Antifa is outraged at the idea that other people are allowed to have an opinion different than them.

The left is always talking about how violent the right is while endorsing violence to shut up freedom of speech. There are over a hundred million americans with three hundred million firearms and over eight trillion rounds of ammo.

The 40-Year-Old Musings of a Physically Disabled Man, Husband, and Father

If the right was as violent as the left claims there would be no left left. The left is egging on a civil war, just as they did at Fort Sumter to try to keep humans from freedom. I hope we never have a civil war because the innocent are the ones who lose the most. All dogs have four paws, anything with four paws is a dog, my cat has four paws, ergo my cat is a dog and so are all cats, really!

The city of Portland and their flacid police department are agents of disorder and injustice. They will reap what they sow. The origins start with the attempted coup by the Marxists in in Berlin and Munich which was defeated by the Freikorps- former WW1 veterans. Unemployed youth coming to manhood post WW1 either joined the communists, SA or various back to nature camping groups. The SA were the public rowdies and the SS were in the background.

The triggered little ones need a taste of their own medicine. Lets see here: Antifa goes around marching wearing masks and black shirts. Carry flags, and demand adherence to a rigid code that puts the needs of the group ahead of the individual, and beating up anyone who gets in their way. Sounds like fascists to me. Oh…uh… they get to define who is a fascist…then become judge jury and, if they wish, judge, jury, and executioner.

Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan. And the left in support them is having an Orwellian Animal Farm moment—two legs bad… four legs good.

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Any one supporting Antifa should take a good long look in the mirror. Antifa attacks people on the street whom they know nothing about. They are to say who is a fascist?

Cut me a break. TO Winter time Hitler applauds you and your mental gymnastics in projecting your own Leftist behavior onto others. Seek mental help. I doubt you even have a clear definition in your mind as to what a fascist might be. What possible definition could encapsulate Antifa? Dear jesus. I think the only person here who should take a long hard look at themselves is you.

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Antifa ARE fascists as evident by their fascist tactics. You, Winter time, are either a fascist or a fascist sympathizer! Antifa attacks anyone who disagrees with them and then post-fact labels them facists in order to get away with their reprehensible actions.

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What utter bullshit. Antifa is composer of a thousand little Brown Shirt wannabes. Want to see a fascist thug? You look in the mirror. That clearly explains the masks and tactical gear. The brownshirts only attacked communist blackshirts, right?

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They represent more danger than any loony group of white supremacists spouting their nonsense in public ever could. Nothing says freedom like masked zealots throwing a riot…and democrats are good with that. Go figure. That was an ill informed comment. Even if your premise is correct, the Portland thugs still have no right to assault people.

Physical attacks, with a stick, milkshake, or gun, should not be condoned or celebrated. Antifa attacks anyone who disagrees with them.

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Dont even try to claim that a gay immigrant is a fasist. Antifa is linked to the direct rise of the Nazis in Germany. Their violence silenced moderate voices on the right and left leaving Germany with two principle choices the violent communists they have been victimized by for year or the Nazis offered order in the midst of chaos. The SS was created as security for Nazi party meetings, rallies, and marches to protect their people from Antifa mob attacks.

The problem with that is, they label everyone they disagree with a fascist. And right wingers are inherently against fascism. Their core beliefs are a total conflict with fascism. Antifa attacks anyone they dislike, for any reason, including hesitating to follow their orders when they are blocking traffic. They will push a little too hard one day in the not too distant future.

Antics: dress like fascists, act like Hitlers Brown shirts using the same tactics, communist thugs, shut down any criticism with violence. No they are the fascists. That is Fascism. Apply for a pistol permit buddy.