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But scientists don't fully understand how the membrane works and just what is able to pass through it. The bubbles may trap cosmic rays for a while, forcing them to bounce around like pinballs before they finally escape.

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Figuring out which one of these scenarios is accurate could have a huge bearing on our understanding of the interstellar space environment. If the bubbles are leaky like a sieve, for example, it implies that there may not be as many galactic cosmic rays out there as researchers had thought. This is just one question of many that astronomers will be tackling now, thanks to the new results. Voyager 1 is now about 11 billion miles Voyager 1 is the most far-flung human-made object in the universe.

Have a news tip, correction or comment? Let us know at community space. Old and new views of the heliosheath. Red and blue spirals are the gracefully curving magnetic field lines of orthodox models. New data from Voyager add a magnetic froth inset to the mix. Not smooth, but bubbly Our sun's sphere of influence, composed of solar plasma and solar magnetic fields, is called the heliosphere.

There is not the same ingenuity that has been gone into at the cellular level in the in the rods and cones enabling the eye to see single photons, it is a mismatch of intelligent design but expect more of the same when we start WhatsApping our neighbours on Andromeda, they look just like us!

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The variation in our solar system planets is mirrored throughout all the trillion upon trillion solar systems in the trillion upon trillion galaxies where are neighbours are WhatsApping each other just as we are. As you point out the variation in composition with distance is totally due to the proto star sun during its formation.

In fact the distance the ejected material reaches can be calculated.

When nova star forming solar system exploded it ejected heavier fragments into outside and large clouds of interstellar gas at larger distance mostly the radiative pressure accounts to it. Therefore it's not so strange, that gaseous planets were formed at perimeter of solar system. The existence of the excessively exposed nerve in the human elbow called the "crazy bone" in the US , and certain male anatomy exposed such that a few grams of well placed force can drop a fighting man to his knees, are proof that there is also a Stupid Designer at work in the cosmos.

It will be found that the shortcomings of Intelligent Design are largely remedied when Stupid Design is incorporated into the theory. Mar 23, And will never make any sense in the future, either Religionists. You take their insanity and shove it in their face and they take it as a complement. God would have provided humans with off switches for use by enlightened ones like shaolin priests. Right bart? The planets are forever growing The constant barrage of cosmic rays, neutrino's, meteorites and other countless space debris has been raining down earth for 5 billion years and is continuing like the ingredients of life is continually increasing the total mass of the Earth, so your correct the planets are growing in size and mass as we inkly type!

Jonasb:- "The protoplanets all grew at the same rate, the group suggests, but stopped growing at different times. The guy was a moron. Science certainly wasn't his forte. Which is why Velikovsky was a bit of a joke. He didn't care about them. When it was pointed out to him, he just shrugged it off. His bizarre misinterpretation of myth said it happened, therefore it did!

Images of Earth's Solar System - Photos of Space

Pseudoscience Something as stupid as having Venus pop out of Jupiter and go careering round the solar system, just to fit in with his screwed up interpretations of mythology, deserves no consideration whatsover. He re-dated a bunch of pharaohs to fit with his bizarre beliefs. He was shown to be wrong through carbon dating, among other things. He couldn't get science right, and he couldn't get the rest of his mythology rubbish to fit together either.

He was a moron. I'll go further - he was a world class moron. Anybody that gives that crap any credence is, by definition, scientifically illiterate. According to Velikovsky , about years ago a giant volcano on Jupiter erupted and spewed a vast glob of debris into space, leaving the Great Red Spot behind as a permanent scar. The red hot lump ejected from Jupiter referred to as a comet by Velikovsky wandered into the inner Solar System, repeatedly crossing the Earth's orbit and in fact often passing close to our helpless planet in the following millennia. All of which is scientifically impossible.

So, your point is? That we should give credence to absolute loons because? All the retrograde rotation of Venus proves, is? Not one damn thing! The Titius-Bode Laws and all the other speculations that the Cosmos was orderly and organized? Just as Human wisdom dictated. Modern observations of other star systems, displays an enormous range of wildly orbiting planets in no discernible order. It is our monkey instincts, overtaxing our intellects, that demands that the universe obeys our aesthetic sensibilities. So far, the most accurate interpretation of what we are actually seeing?

Planetary System formation results from chaotic processes. With hefty dosages of random uncertainty amid spectacularly violent planetesimal collisions. Leaving a universe strewn with failed worlds, capricious debris and utter confusion. I blame that asshat jokester, the Coyote Goddess. For playing dice with reality. Mar 24, The only book available is neatly printed with the letter 'A''. Titius-Bode's 'Law' requires that all the books in the library have pages neatly printed with the letter 'A'.

When I am actually able to read the other books? I discover that pre-assumption is incorrect. The other books have many different letters, printed in no discernible order or coherence. Where upon it becomes obvious that the Titius-Bode guesstimate is fallacious and false outside of our Solar System 'Book". Billions of lotto tickets were sold and only one ticket's holder wins the grand prize.

A Scientific 'Law' explains why things work the way they work.

Our New Solar System: Fresh Views of Planets and Moons

All the time and everywhere. Gravity of Mass attracts all other mass. Thermodynamics always invoices your existence for a cost greater than you are willing to pay. Laws of Motion are why you are always a clumsy klutz. A billion losers and only one winner? We may feel special but we are the result not the cause of our good fortune. The paper makes an intriguing observation between isotope composition and size, a proxy for accretion time.

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It supports the modern pebble formation short timescale and migration water on inner planets scenarios, and must fit the system pathway history in some way. However there are some problems. Why did accretion happen over different times instead of different rates, and why is the new history of Earth - same size planetesimals that did not meet until after 60 Myrs, and then somehow fulfilled the "Mars size impactor" orbital momentum result - so complicated unlikely? The other books have many different letters, printed in no discernible order or coherence But willis they all use the same letters.

And rules of grammar etc. In contrast to your shitty prose-poecy posts.

Postal Service USPS is issuing Tuesday May 31 two sets of postage stamps depicting the eight planets that circle the Sun and the icy world that orbits out beyond them. We're grateful to the U. Postal Service for commemorating this historic achievement. Prior to Tuesday's release, the most recent set was issued in October , when the Hubble Space Telescope was a year old in Earth orbit and had yet to have its flawed vision corrected.

Probes had yet to begin circling Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn, and no mission had reached Pluto, which was still counted among the planets.