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Either by himself or with the intervention of some of the old fiscales of San Juan Ixtenco , he gathers candles, copal, incense, and hens At the entrance of the cave he lights candles, and inside he keeps idols, including a painted canvas representing an Indian woman with Indian youths at her feet, adoring her; another canvas delineating a figure with indigenous features, wearing a tilma cape , with a stick in his hand; and two other paintings, one representing four snakes, and the other a large coiled serpent These are to be seen, along with other idols and a pile of garments offered in Juan Coatl's sanctuary Then he enters the cave with two other people, with lit candles and a great deal of copal.

There they spend a day and a night in adoration of the idols They must not believe in the God of the Spaniards or in the Blessed Virgin. The times they must go "to the cave" he commands them to fast, which means abstaining from sleeping with their wives; and if by chance one of them disobeys, he treats them like "dogs who do not fast. The others were amazed at what he knew about what everyone was doing. According to Coatl's wife, when he was about to go up the mountain he abstained the night before. And he repeated that they should not believe in [the] God [of the Spaniards but in the Gods of their ancestors].

This same man is said to have declared to one of his followers: I am God, and it is I who feed the worlds ibid. Antonio Perez. Yautepec, 11 September Interrogation of Antonio Perez, the forty-year-old shepherd of the hamlet of Tlacoxcalco in the Pueblo of Ecatzingo. Four years ago, when I was living on the Gomez rancho at Tecitcayac in the jurisdiction of Atlatlahucan, I accompanied a Dominican father from there to the village of Yecapixtla.

I do not know the name of the Dominican, where he comes from, or where he is. It could well be that he was the devil. I just remember that on the road the Dominican told me I was already damned because I drank far too much. Then he instructed me in caring for the sick, advising me to use He taught me cures for everything, including terrible toothaches, one of which consisted of making vapors by selecting six tesontles volcanic rocks of the same size and sprinkling them with water in which rue and attemisia had been cooked.

Then they had to be taken and placed seperately between the patient's legs. For all my treatments I recite the Credo as the holy church teaches it, and I add these words: "In the name of the most holy Trinity, of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. When he is on his way to recovery, the sick man recites the act of contrition.

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I do all that because the Dominican friar told me to. That is how I cured Magdalena from Tetelcingo of typhoid fever, my wife Ana Maria of stomach pain, a certain Domingo, whose name and pueblo I do not know, of a leg wound For six reales I bought from a painter named Bentura a very old painting, half an ell in size, which represented Christ.

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I kept it at my house and had it carefully cleaned. Many people came to offer him flowers and tapers. That is why Don Jacinto Valera, the priest of Atlatlahucan, had arrested me. Afterward he freed me so that I would take him to my place and give him the holy Christ. As I was getting ready to do so, all of a sudden I found myself with my painting in a cave at the bottom of a ravine that runs along one side of Atlatlahucan.

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I had been carried there through the air, without knowing by whom, and I stayed in the cave for a moment before going to Chimalhuacan, where I gave the painting in question to the priest, who had it put under glass in his church. But since I accepted offerings of candles and money, the priest reprimanded me and put me out of the church. Eight days later, in a place named Zabaleta, I met Dieguino [a barefoot Franciscan], who asked me to go with him to Puebla.

I agreed, and all of a sudden found myself in the middle of the volcano, at the friar's side. The Dieguino told me not to be sad about the Holy Christ they had taken from me, because he would give me another, and in fact he gave me a head which seemed to be of glass, ordering me to make a body of cypress for it. I succeeded, with the help of a painter whose name I do not know, and I gave it the name of Santo Entierro [Christ of the Entombment].

I lit tapers before that Christ, recited some Credos and "Glory be. The same friar told me that in the volcano I would find a rainbow, and under the rainbow the Virgin; and that thereafter two new sources of water would appear at Chimalhuacan. At the time, I disregarded his prediction and remained silent for a year and a half. Although the image was not brought to the church, I did take it to the cave in the company of five people from Ecatzingo: my son Matheo, his brother Felipe, Maria, Theresa, Diego, and twenty-five others from Izamatitlan, among whom were the fiscal Pedre, Pasqual de Santa Maria, and others whose name escape me.

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When we got there, I discovered all the instruments of the passion in a hole; they were made of terra-cota, and I took them home. Pasqual de Santa Maria took the Virgin to his place, and we recited the rosary before her, and the "Glory be"; we danced and played music. That is what we were doing when the priest came in to arrest us. Jacinto Pat He was a member of a family whose reputation for many years was that of utmost importance, thus a prominent figure in the Mayan elite.

He started the rebellion in in co-operation with other prominent Mayas, including Cecilio Chi from Tepich. It was said that the war erupted when Cecilio Chi discovered his daughter reduced to concubinage by the local minister! As a witness to his importance and his place in the people's memory one may draw the attention to the words on the commemorating monument in his home town Chichimila: Rugeley Tepozteco cannot be known; his house is on the hill near El Parque.

go site There he has his house and everything which he needs in his home, but he himself does not appear. He always lives far off among the clouds. He has a mother who is in the church.

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We say Mass for his mother. His mother is named Tonantzin [Our revered little Mother] and also Natividad. Tepozteco is a god who is loveable and cruel. He has only one punishment for the village.

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  • Lewis Silva Herzog , I: ; cf. Blanco Moheno : ff. The Zapatistas had set up their camp near the mountain El Cerro del Jilguero. They were surrounded there by the troops of the Carrancistas. If they kill me, go away. Here is enough money for you to live on the road. When his soldiers went away to the highlands, they left Zapata alone at the Cerro del Jilguero.

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    • It is said that a trap was set for him. A general by the name of Amaro was the one who betrayed Zapata. I am with Zapata now! Zapata trusted him. He believed Amaro, who joined the army as if he had been one of Zapata's soldiers. It was then that Amaro killed Zapata. Horcasitas ff. Not until the goal of the Mexican Revolution is fulfilled, its greatest hero will remain where he is now.

      Schultze-Jena ff. Millions of catholic pilgrims from all parts of the world assemble to pay their reverence to the Mother of Christ, whether actually believing or not in her miraculous image on Juan Diego's tilma cloak at her altar. Hellbom, She is the mother of the Son of man. Please Note: a major part of the above information comes from the following web source. Since Ce-Tekpa Toltekoa. I Heard Nothing! I Saw Nothing! Welcome to the Mexican-Jaguars' Stronghold.

      On the Mexican, and Maya Number System.

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      Also Visit:. Maya Laughs Funny Jokes. Codice Borgia. Codice Cospi. Codice Laud. MX-JGS 4. We must give generously and with joy and share our subsistence with those who are in need of it. And have always in view not only the present, but also the coming generations. The unborn of the future nation. On Gods and the Bible: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. For which of these are you trying to stone me?