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We strongly recommend you to read it through carefully to refresh your memories and know about a few differences between this version and original game. Is multiplayer coming? A: Yes. We are going to implement the multiplayer mode via Game Center in next updates. Now you can train your command skills against 3 levels of AI. A: Since Warlords Classic is a Warlords 1 port and these features were introduced in Warlords II, they are not implemented in our version.

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We are not yet sure if we will ever implement them. Q: Any other differences from the game I love for tenth of years? A: Yes, only a few. We have replaced libraries with tombs; you will always find money in tombs, and your hero will never die searching tombs. No diplomacy available, but we will implement it. All app prices are tracked in USD. This price was last verified in the US App Store 1 hour ago and is subject to change.

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